Attitude feat. Ward 21

The 3rd music video from album Attitude Many thanks to Ward 21 for their time!

Song written by: Carmen Morejón, Gogo Jean Michel Francis, Mark Mean Dog Henry, Andre suku Gray, Kunley McCarthy
Music producer: Djei Gogo
Camera: Vojtech Nedved
Edit, postproduction: Jarek Kasik, Tvision

Dime Tú Por Qué feat. U-cee LIVE

Live video from the final concert of Attitude tour 2011 - 17th May at Lucerna Music Bar, Prague.

Rally Round

This music video is dedicated to all reggae lovers worldwide. 

Song written by: Djei Gogo
Music producer: Djei Gogo
Director, producer, editor: Djei Gogo
Camera: Vojtech Nedved, Djei Gogo, Zdenek Kutil, Tomas Klimek
​Postproduction: Lando
Indoor video recorded at Faust Studio Prague

Hits feat. King Kalabash

Music video HITS feat. King Kalabash from United Flavour's new album ATTITUDE speaking about bad manners of mainstream radios

Song written by: Djei Gogo, Sista Carmen, King Kalabash
Music producer: Djei Gogo
Director, screenplay writer, producer: Djei Gogo
Camera, editing, postproduction, soundtrack: Tvision studio
Executive producer: Jaromir Telensky
​Actors: Sista Carmen, Dominique Mompelat, Robert Nelson, Djei Gogo, Jakub Telensky, Jakub Rakovcik, Jaromir Telensky, DJ Ama aka 12Play, Standa Vit and awesome United Flavour fans

Dreamland worker

The third music video from CD Unity (2007).

Director, screenplay: Dan Svatek
Director of photography: Jan Baset Stritezsky
Editor: Tomas Gaisler
Special effects: Jan Smolik
Video producer: Filip Mares, Lukas Kaplan
Staring: United Flavour crew, Jaroslava Miskova, Blanka Vitu, Vlastina Svatkova.

Le petit

The second music video from CD Unity (2007). All artwork, production and direction by Patricia Ortiz.

My way feat. Baron Black & El Condorsito

The first music video from United Flavour's album Unity.


United Flavour live at Reggae Ethnic Session 2007. Made by Jarda Hasman. Sound from the CD.

Que No

Recorded at Lucerna Music Bar Prague in 2006 where United Flavour opened for Gentleman.

Bob Marley Medley Live

Live video from a concert in Lucerna Music Bar Prague (2006), where United Flavour opened for Gentleman. The concert was released on DVD Live at Lucerna Music Bar (2007 SubPub Records). Recorded by Petr Kuzhell Blazek - DaSka Records.